Monday, June 2, 2008

Texas Trip!!

We went home to visit for our first trip back to Texas. We had so much fun with everyone. Grant had alot of fun at Meme and Coaches house. He played in the sand and got into the pool. he had his first popsicle and loved it. We went to my parents friends ranch and got to visit with alot of friends. Aunt Lizzie and Grant have a very special bond. He loves her and she loves him. When she is around he always wants her and not his mommy. We also got to go to Aunt Narvals and hang out with Ninnie and Aunt Al. They were having a garage sale and Grant loved walking around and see all the stuff. Aunt Narval has sheep and donkeys and Grant really enjoyed going and seeing them. There were rabbits and birds. Grant had so much fun he fell asleep on the way home. We miss everyone and had so much fun seeing everyone. Grant was an angel on the plane. He did wonderful. I was very afraid since we were traveling by ourselves. He is great.

The house is coming along and we close on June 12th. We can not wait to see our own things and purchase the things that we will need. The weather has been nice and not tooo hot. Come visit us any time we miss you all.