Sunday, May 24, 2009

House For Sale

Well it is official Clint has excepted a job in Dallas/Forth Worth. I can't tell you how proud of Clint I am not just because of the promotion but of the job he did here in Omaha. He truly worked hard and we are very excited to get home to Texas. We have met so many great people here and wonderful friends that have treated us like family so we will miss it here. We know these friends will be friends for a life time and can't wait to see how there familys grow. The house went on the market this weekend and here are a few pictures of Grant and his daddy getting the house really to put on the market. Please pray that the house sells quicky so that we can all be together with out much travel and time away from each other. WERE COMING HOME.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

South Dakota here we come.

Clint had a dental show in SD so Grant and I decided we would tag along for some new activities. Man did we find them. The first night we got in around dinner so we went to a nice dinner and Grant was great. He was excited about sleeping at a hotel so we gave him a bath and then he was playing in the bed before we put him in his own bed. He was pretending to snore in one of the pictures. So dramatic. Again just like his dad.(haha)

The next morning we dropped Clint off and we were on our way to a busy day. Park, Butterfly house,nature house, mall to eat and play. Very busy and then we picked up Clint and went to a semi-pro baseball game. WOW what a fun time.

He loves his ICE CREAM

Man does Grant love ice cream....but who doesn't right??? He loves skinny cows. Here he is enjoying his sweets. He must get that sweet tooth from his dad.(haha)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Best MOMS day present EVER!!!

Well Clint and Grant surprised me with the best gift. Pics of my little man. He really is not little anymore. What a great gift and a wonderful weekend full of fun for this mom. Friday a mothers day dinner at my favorite sushi place. Sat. Pedi, lunch and a girlie movie with some girl friends and Sunday spent with my, Costco lunch and relaxing at home. I am very blessed and thankful for my two best guys. Thank you both for making me feel loved and appreciated on this day.(weekend)I love you much.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring is FINALLY here.

Playing at the park finally. Grant has lots of fun at the park playing by himself and with the others kids. The grass here is so green and I am looking forward to many more days spent at the park.