Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Library Project, Oranges, and Trash!!!

Grant and I go to the library on Tuesdays. He really loves it because he gets to read a bunch of new books at the share time and gets to make projects. He also loves the snack which is animal crackers. This is the projest that they made this week. The theme of the lesson was rain. They sang itsy bitsy spider. It is not really his first project because the first one blew away in a wind storm. No Lie!!!!!!

These next pictures Grant is eating a orange. I normally tear off pieces and just give him little pieces but he really wanted the whole piece. So I let him have it. He also likes taking the trash out with his daddy. It is really too cute.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Well here are some pics of the house. We went and picked out paint today and took it to the house to see what it will look like with the stone. The stone goes on this week so it will be exciting to see the stone and chose which paint we want. Clint painted three different colors and we will chose from those.

We walked through the house and they are sheet rocking. It is starting to look like a real house on the inside. We can not wait for the final result.

The grass here is getting green. Yeah!!! Everything looks so much better. Out our back window there is a park. Grant will have soooo much fun playing there.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Our Apartment in Omaha

So we have been here for almost 3 weeks. Things are going well. Grant has been wonderful at getting used to different places and being able to sleep. He is starting to say many many new sounds. He will say Fish, Hi, Juice, Up, which is really a sound like UH UH UH. It is really cute. If you ask him to sing he will go LA LA LA. Again really cute. If you ask him what you say when you meet people he will say "HI". He will give a high five is to whom ever is around. He enjoys reading many books a day and pretending like he is cooking with all the pots and pans. He LOVES pens for some reason and his crayons. He still likes stairs. At the park we will go down the slide like 7 times just so that he can climb the stairs again. He also enjoys listening to music and dancing his little dance.

The weather has not been the best but it is also not 125 like in Houston. It is very windy here or at least it has been.

Clint has been working really hard and trying to get everyone in check. Grant and I have found a moms group that has activities for us to do during the week. I have to say I miss Harwin and my dollar stores. (surprise)

We are visiting churches and trying to find a church home soon so that we can get involved and meet some couples that have children Grant's age. The church we have gone to twice is very contemporary but the message is good.

Our apartment is a big change from the house. Already our sink has backed up and we have ANTS that I have called about twice. There is a grassy area outside our apartment where Grant likes to play. Our upstairs neighbor has a problem with stomping around. He/she gets up every morning at 6 so that is what time Clint and I get up. So much stomping that the ceiling fan shakes.HORRIBLE!!!

We are really ready for the house to be ready!!!