Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rivercity Roundup!!

We went to the rodeo here in Omaha this weekend. It was lots of fun. Grant got to wear his boots for the first time. He loved them and kept saying mama and daddy and grant boots. Yeap!!! We all wore our boots. We got to see cows, sheep,and pigs. Grant was a little scared at first at the size of the cows as you can see in the first picture but he warmed up and enjoyed looking at all the animals and making their sounds. They had a kid play area that Grant really loved. He drew a picture, danced to the kid band, picked veggies and eggs from the farm, played in the construction area and explored with the hidden holes. He was very tired but he was still up for some rodeo food. We got a turkey leg,french fries and a lemonade. I had brought a bananna so he ate that too. What a fun Saturday afternoon. Look at those cute boots I found for him red and black can't get any better.He is taking a really good nap now.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Safari Saturday

This weekend we went to the drive through safari. We have gone one time before and Grant really enjoys it. He sits on the console of the car and looks at all the animals. He makes the sounds of the animals as he sees them and hears them. The first animal you see are the elk. They were making the craziest noise like a screaming baby and Grant was making the noise after them. Now if you ask him what sound an elk makes, he will make a screaming noise. It is cute. We also saw lots of birds and a bear and some buffalo. It was a really nice Saturday afternoon.

Dance it up

My good friend Camille who lives in Singapore posted this on her blog and I thought it was tooo funny. Pierce her son and Grant were the best of friends in Houston and we miss them alot. Her blog is fun to read because they are always doing something adventurous and exciting.
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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lincoln Ne

We decided on Sat. to go to Lincoln Ne to get the game day feel. University of Nebraska is there and it is also our state capital. We got there and people were everywhere. Everyone wears red. It was neat to see all the tail gating and spirit of a college town again. We had lunch at a place called Buzzard Billies which is crazy because there is one in Waco TX and we did not know there was others. Crazy. Then in the down town square where we ate was a train station. Grant loves trains so we walked over and he watched as the trains passed by and honked the horn. It was a really fun day. Oh we did do a drive by of the state capital.

Monday, September 8, 2008


Today was Grants first day at Mothers Day Out. I had to wake him up this morning because it was a yucky day out and I think he would of slept through MDO. We got dressed and I took some photos of his first day. We had already had a meet the teachers so they called Grant by name when I dropped him off. They seem really sweet. He started crying saying mommy mommy. I could not take it. I got in the car and called Clint upset about his reaction to me leaving. What a heart break to hear him calling my name. I know that he is going to learn alot and meet alot of new friends, but going to the store without him is actually boring and I find myself talking outloud because I am so used to talking to him. People give me funny looks but most are moms and they mostlikly have gone through the same things. I pray that the drop off gets easier and that he really loves it.

After school I wanted to do something special for his first day. We went to get a cupcake a Cupcake Island. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy. Grant got a small white cake with white icing and I got what they called a cloud nine. Angelfood cake with whip cream and a cherry. So good. grant had fun and was very excited about all the cupcakes. Overall today was a great day.

Wacky Wednesday Lunch!!

We has some friends over for a Wacky Lunch. Thanks to many great ideas that i had gotten off other peoples blogs. They all brought a muffin tin and got to choose what they wanted to eat. They all had such a blast that we are going try and do this once a month. We had Wacky Lunch at the park behind our home. The kids ate and played. The moms talked and talked. It was alot of fun!!