Monday, September 8, 2008


Today was Grants first day at Mothers Day Out. I had to wake him up this morning because it was a yucky day out and I think he would of slept through MDO. We got dressed and I took some photos of his first day. We had already had a meet the teachers so they called Grant by name when I dropped him off. They seem really sweet. He started crying saying mommy mommy. I could not take it. I got in the car and called Clint upset about his reaction to me leaving. What a heart break to hear him calling my name. I know that he is going to learn alot and meet alot of new friends, but going to the store without him is actually boring and I find myself talking outloud because I am so used to talking to him. People give me funny looks but most are moms and they mostlikly have gone through the same things. I pray that the drop off gets easier and that he really loves it.

After school I wanted to do something special for his first day. We went to get a cupcake a Cupcake Island. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy. Grant got a small white cake with white icing and I got what they called a cloud nine. Angelfood cake with whip cream and a cherry. So good. grant had fun and was very excited about all the cupcakes. Overall today was a great day.


Frank and Matilda Edens said...

What a great day!! I bet the teachers were so excited that Grant had his name on all of his belongings. He looks so cute in his jeans and long sleeve shirt. I want to go to Cupcake Island, too!
You are a great Mom!!
I love you,

Lindsey said...

Please.....I can not take it how cute he is!!!! I miss ya'll sooo very much. Can't wait to see ya'll in the next few weeks!

Aunt Lizzie

Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

HOw much fun... I can not believe he did not pass out after shchool... what a great idea... and in regards to wacky lunch day.. I am confused how that works? What do you do again?

Jill and Justin said...

Grant looks so grown up and cute! I am sure it will get easier for both of you each time.

Michael & Melissa said...

i just got reconnected with the blog. love it. Grant is so sweet and adorable. I can't wit to see you soon.