Saturday, December 20, 2008

Santa came early to Omaha

Santa came to Omaha today because we will be traveling to Texas. So we did get to have a white Christmas a couple of days early. We gave Grant his big Christmas gift this morning and he is still playing in it with his daddy. Merry Christmas everyone.

My buddy Cameron and Me

I watched a friend of mines little one on Wednesday for a while. Grant and Cameron had a blast. They played up stairs, in the basement, and everywhere. Before lunch I decided we should make some Christmas cookies. Soooooo here they are making cookies. We had a great day with Grants buddy Cameron.

Yes Grant has on his PJs and his cowboy boots. He did not want to wear anything else and we were not going anywhere so....

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

MDO Christmas

Grant made a shirt with my mom while we were in Waco for Thanksgiving. He wore it to MDO and we took his teachers some gifts. He was really excited.

Winter is HERE!!!

Well winter is officially here in Omaha. It snowed 4 inches yesterday and was 4 degrees. I asked Clint where did he move us to. It was a fun day. We went for a drive to see if I could drive in this weather. Went to lunch. Came home and Grant took a nap and then Grant and his daddy shoveled the drive way. Wow!!! shoveling the drive I am sure glad that is not my job. Grant had lots of fun in the snow. Here are some pics.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Like totally 80s

Clint and I went to an 80s party on Saturday night. It was lots of fun. Clint tight rolled his jeans and wore a Super Man shirt. I found both at goodwill. And as some of you know I have been trying to bring back the side pony tail for years. So any chance I get to wear it with out stares I am there. I have bangs now so the side pony was taken to a new level..with the ratted bangs. sooooo fun. I wore a sweater I found at goodwill with a mini skirt and tights and ofcourse leg warmers.( yes I already had them from the many years of dance.)Blue eyeshadow and red lips. I really love dress up parties.

First SNOW

We had the first snow while my parents where in town. It has been really cold but we have missed lots of snow just by like 30 miles. I know I will not want it here when it comes but I am kindof excited for the first big snow. I am also going to put some pics of Grant decorating his tree with his daddy and helping Coach with the hammering. Grant loves to build things mostly houses he says. He fixes chairs and cars, just a true handy man.

First Christmas Party in Omaha

We had our first Christmas party in Omaha last weekend. We were lucky to have my parents in town for the week to help me. They were a huge help. I know I could of not done it without them there. Mom and I made all the food desserts and apps. Dad was our assistant cook. He also help decorate. He did the outside of the house. Man did we have a good time and it was fun for all our friends to meet my parents. I only have a couple pics as I was having fun myself and forgot to capture the party on camera. Thanks mom and dad for all you help. Love you Much

Bryan is the BIG 30!!

My sister and some of Bryans good buddies through Bryan (my sisters boyfriend) a party. we got to stop by for just a bit because we were leaving the next day for Ne. Here are a few pics.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Thanksgiving Travels

We went to Dallas for a week to visit Clints family. His grandmother and grandad were in from El Paso and we got to see his Aunts and Uncles. It was a very nice visit. Grant was not the best sleeper but we are almost back to normal now. After Dallas we headed to Waco with my family. We had Thanksgiving at Ninnies house. It was a blast to see everyone. Meme and Grant made gingerbread cookies and a Christmas shirt you will see later. Here are some pics from our Texas travels.

On the way back to Nebraska Clint flew home with Grant and I drove the twelve hour drive with my parents. They came to Ne for the week to help decorate for the holidays. This is what we drove through in Kansas.WOW snow.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


We had a very busy Halloween week. First MDO..I made him a ghost sandwich and he loved it. He talked about it all day. He also wore his cute shirt my mom sent him. Thanks MEME. Much. Then the rest of the week was filled with activities.But Friday we went back to the pumpkin patch again.It is much harder to get a cute pumpkin patch picture this year than last year. Then that night Clint took him to trick or treat with all the kids in the neighborhood. He had a blast and when he came home he really enjoyed passing out candy to the people that came to our door. He did have his first piece of real candy. A bite size Milky Way. Now he says choloate bite please mommy days after. I think I created a monster.