Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Like totally 80s

Clint and I went to an 80s party on Saturday night. It was lots of fun. Clint tight rolled his jeans and wore a Super Man shirt. I found both at goodwill. And as some of you know I have been trying to bring back the side pony tail for years. So any chance I get to wear it with out stares I am there. I have bangs now so the side pony was taken to a new level..with the ratted bangs. sooooo fun. I wore a sweater I found at goodwill with a mini skirt and tights and ofcourse leg warmers.( yes I already had them from the many years of dance.)Blue eyeshadow and red lips. I really love dress up parties.


Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

Only you could find a party like this one in America right before CHristmas... I love it and I know you had a good time.

Kylie said...

You look rad :)

Your home is so beautiful for the holidays! I'm jealous!

Jill and Justin said...

You all are both so HOT! It looks like you all are having alot of fun! I love seeing what you have been up to. Things are good here too. Hope to talk to you soon.