Sunday, May 10, 2009

Best MOMS day present EVER!!!

Well Clint and Grant surprised me with the best gift. Pics of my little man. He really is not little anymore. What a great gift and a wonderful weekend full of fun for this mom. Friday a mothers day dinner at my favorite sushi place. Sat. Pedi, lunch and a girlie movie with some girl friends and Sunday spent with my, Costco lunch and relaxing at home. I am very blessed and thankful for my two best guys. Thank you both for making me feel loved and appreciated on this day.(weekend)I love you much.


Frank and Matilda Edens said...

Precious pictures! His happy expressions are contagious. What a great week-end!
We love you all.

Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

Great weekend... Great present and great pics of your big man....i know just how you feel... they grow up so fast. happy moms day to you girl.

Michael & Melissa said...

what a great gift. way to go Clint. ANd, grant is so cute.