Saturday, October 18, 2008


This is the first of many pumpkin patch blogs that I will be posting. There are the best pumpkin patches here. We went with our Sunday School class and there familys to this Pumpkin patch. Grant had so much fun petting the baby chicks and all the other aniamls. He got to ride the horse all by himself. Parents had to stay away. Of course I was a little nervous...but he held on tight and was so excited he was riding by himself. What a big boy. He has talked non stop about all the animals and the pumpkins that he got to see. What a fun family outing. Only thing was it was sooooo cold. I am not ready for this weather. Very cold, windy and did I say cold. Help!!! I need lots of sweaters and boots that are waterproof.


Meg said...

hey ashley!! i found your blog on kylie's!! i did not know you were in nebraska--BRRRRR!! :) your son is absolutely beautiful. i hope you are doing great!!

Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

How much fun and I am so jealous it is cold there... this place is always HOT. WE miss you and cannot wait to see more pictures.