Sunday, October 26, 2008

Grandma and The Sibleys visit

Grandma,Suzanne and Jonathan came to visit. We had a great time. The weather was yucky the first few days but we did still make it to the pumpkin patch. It was lots of fun. Clint, Me, Suzanne and Jonathan went to the Baylor vs. Nebraska game on Saturday. It was lots of fun. We got there early and got to tailgate and then stayed a little while after to get something to eat. It was a great visit and we look forward to seeing them over Thanksgiving.



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Move over Martha

So I got a little crafty this weekend. Clints sister Suzanne was in town and we saw some really cute door hangs at a pumpkin patch we went to but they were 40 dollars so we decided to make them for a fraction of the price.

I had also seen a really cute pumpkin monogramed so I made one. You can see it on the front porch with an E. I also did a small one for the mantel.

Grant had fun playing in the box I used to cut out the pumpkin door hang.

Monday, October 20, 2008


I picked Grant up early from MDO and we made some Halloween cupcakes. We baked them and then he took a nap. When he woke up we iced them and snacked on them. He put the spiders on top.

Grants Highschool Experience

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Grant loves horses. He loves to sit on them and pretend like his is riding them. He has a really cool stick horse that his Aunt Lizzie bought for him that makes noises when you touch his ears. He rides it around the house and makes Clint ride it around too. I hope to catch a picture of this soon. This is his first time for him to see a big horse and to sit on it. We had a football watching party at some people from sunday schools house and they brought the horse out for the kids to ride. He did not go anywhere on the horse but he thought it was sooo cool just to get to sit on it. I think that is why he was so excited to ride the pony at the pumpkin patch. From the clothes you can tell that this was before it got cold. A friend took these pictures and just sent them to me.

Fall Party

The MOMs club that I joined is always doing something fun for the kids. We had a fall holiday party at a friends house. They way over did it. Pumpkin decorating,mask decorating, bounce house, slides, play gyms, cars, tooo much fun. Grant had a blast. He is very busy and loves to run around in her backyard. He went as a giraffe and actually left his costume on the entire time. I was so proud of him. I did not get to sit and talk much as Grant is all over the place and thinks he can do everything the big kids do. Here are some fun pictures from the party.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


This is the first of many pumpkin patch blogs that I will be posting. There are the best pumpkin patches here. We went with our Sunday School class and there familys to this Pumpkin patch. Grant had so much fun petting the baby chicks and all the other aniamls. He got to ride the horse all by himself. Parents had to stay away. Of course I was a little nervous...but he held on tight and was so excited he was riding by himself. What a big boy. He has talked non stop about all the animals and the pumpkins that he got to see. What a fun family outing. Only thing was it was sooooo cold. I am not ready for this weather. Very cold, windy and did I say cold. Help!!! I need lots of sweaters and boots that are waterproof.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


We went to Texas to visit this past week. We had a blast. We got to see everyone and hangout with Meme, Coach, Aunt Lizzie, Ninnie, Bebe, and alot of Memes friends. We flew in for a baby shower for one of my friends and she was not able to make it because she was put on bed rest. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. I got to hang out with all my old running buddies. Everyone is doing great and having babies. Some number one and others number 2. We always have so much fun seeing each other. It is like time really hasn't past but somehow we all got married and have children. Spending time with friends like that is truly priceless.

We went to the Waco rodeo one night and Grant had a great time with Coach. He is still talking about all the animals. He is a talker. Another day Ninnie came over and Grant and Ninnie made muffins. They had a blast. When I am cooking now he will say stir stir mommy. Ninnie mouse. HAHAHA We miss everyone so much. Here are some pictures from the fun trip.

Grant really loves playing the piano at my parents here are some pics.