Saturday, January 3, 2009

Time Flies... We have a BIG boy

I can't believe how time flies. What a little baby he still was last year and how big he has gotten. Here is a little recap of Grant our almost two year old. He loves to talk. He says everything and anything. He loves to sing lots of songs but for Christmas he would sing Jingle Bells by himself as he played throughout the house. He still loves books and loves to be read to. His new thing is he ask Whats that Daddy to everything he sees in the book even if he already knows what it is. He can count to 10. Sing the ABCs with help. He knows all his colors. Loves to play with friends. He is a dessert eater. Ice cream he loves. He likes to play hide and seek and he will cover his eyes and count to five and then look at you and laugh because he knows he needs to count to ten. He is very sweet. He now loves GO Diego Go and so do I because he will really watch it. Did I say he is very verbal. No is his favorite word.I think he remembers everything from when he was little.It is amazing to watch his little mind work. He will remind us to pray at dinner. he likes to eat waffles for breakfast almost every day. Man is he fun fun fun. these are just some of the things he does. I need to sit and write everything he does. We love you Grant.


Frank and Matilda Edens said...

You are so right--time has flown. He is growing so fast! What a sweet blessing!

Michael & Melissa said...

How precious is your little boy! Sounds like he has his mother's verbal skills. Ha! I love to hear about what all he is doing.