Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Meeting Baby Jack!!!

Oh what a fun weekend we had. We left Omaha early Wednesday morning and drove the long long drive to Texas. Grant was so excited that he only napped 30 minutes the entire day. He would say Now we in Texas mommy and I would say No not yet and then he would say yes we in Texas mommy. This went on the whole way until we reached Mimi and Coaches house at about 10:30 PM. We stopped near Ft. worth and had dinner with PaPa. Grant was so excited to see him and they got to play together for a while. It was a nice break from the long drive. Then the next day we got to meet baby Jack Sibley. Clints sisters baby. Man is he cute and what a great baby he is. I think the whole day I heard him cry once because he was hungry. Maybe he is going to be the opposite of Grant and be laid back. Grant was in full force and so excited to meet baby Jack. All he wanted to do was hold baby Jack, play with baby Jacks toys and hold baby Jack. We had such a wonderful day getting to know him. What a great trip.

We went to Houston to visit my sister and some friends and had a great time. Thanks to Bryan and Lindsey for a fun weekend away. I got to go to Harwin so I had my fix for awhile.

On the way back to Omaha things got a little crazy. The car ride seemed soooo long. We stopped for lunch and after lunch ordered some small ice cream cones. wow!!! Grant had the biggest ice cream cone ever. It did keep him busy for just a little while.

I dont't know why if is formatting like this. But I can't fix it.

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Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

Wow... that baby is cute... the pictures of Grant holding him the baby looks fake... like a porcelin doll... crazy. I am glad you got to stay in my old house... and got to kick with your family.... I know you loved going to Harwin and I am sure you went to the dollar store for old times sake.