Friday, May 2, 2008


So it is already May. Wow how time flies. We are flying to Waco this month YEAHHHH! Can't wait. This week was a fun week for Grant and I we went to a MOMs Club meeting at an assisted living facility. The children played while we held a meeting and then they made May baskets for the residents of the home. The old people were so excited to get them and Grant was a cheese ball as he normally is. He was waving and blowing kisses to the people and smiling at everyone. He loves to be around people.

Today was a wet day for most of the morning so after lunch we went garage selling. So fun!!! Grant enjoyed it. He played with all the toys while I looked for the things he needed. We bought some winter stuff for next year like snow suit and boots. Things we did not need in Houston. We also bought him some toy cars and a solider man and some new books.

There are some pics of him in the bath with his new solider man. He will bang him on the side of the bath tub and laugh. He loves laughing when other people laugh. That is his new thing. People at a different table at dinner laugh and he starts laughing like he knows what they are saying. FUNNY!! He has also this week starting giving really good kisses. He gave kisses before but not like he does now. I love it and make him do it as much as I can throughout the day. He has started saying Yes Please which of course to me sounds just like it but you all would not understand him. He is getting so close to talking it is crazy. I can't wait for the day he can tell me what goes on in that little head of his. We are soooo blessed!!!

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Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

So cute... Pierce is too getting so close to talking... he just says gibberish all day long and I love it. I wish I could hear grants voice.... you should record him and then put the video on your blog. Miss you and have fun in Waco.