Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Family Trip to TEXAS

Clints cousin Joanna was getting married and we were having a 60th wedding annivsery party for Clints grandparents so we headed back to TEXAS. Man did we have a fun time seeing everyone and the wedding was beautiful. Grant did great on the plane ride he read books and played with some toys. Once we reached Dallas the fun began. Grant loved seeing everyone and played with all the people. He did so good. He would go swimming almost everyday with his daddy, uncle Lance, grandpa and Great P. He has so much fun splashing around in the pool. The also really enjoyed dancing with Aunt Suzanne at the wedding. It was a wonderful time. Here are some pictures from the weekend.


Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

How much fun.. I check your blog all the time and nothing and here there are two... I am so excited that you guys are in the house and loving it... and nothing broke really... and I love the wedding pics... I love your dress (I miss my trendy friend... hard to be so trendy here bc it is so hot)... but I do miss you guys and glad that you are doing well... don't be long again before the next blog... I need to see my people.

Frank and Matilda Edens said...

Ahley thank you so much for the wonderful things you had to say about Clint and Grant. What a wonderful way to honor him on Father's Day! One day you will hear Grant's wife tell you what a loving, strong and patient father and husband he is and you will then know and feel the way we do now! We are so blessed and thankful to be Clint's Mom and Dad and to have you as our daughter in law and for you both giving us Grant! We love you!
Frank and Matilda