Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Well it has been a long time since I have updated this. Lots has taken place in the last month. We have finally moved into our house and we are just loving it. We closed on June 12th and the movers came on the 13th. Yes Friday the 13th. Everything went smooth and only one piece of furniture was broken but is fixable. YEAHHHH!! It was great to see all of our things again. I found a sitter for Grant and he played at the park while Clint and I told the movers where to place everything. All day experience. One I can't image doing on our own. That weekend was also fathers day and I wanted to do something special for Clint. He is an amazing father to Grant and I couldn't of dreamed him to be any more patient with both Grant and myself during this entire move. It was hard and he was for sure the rock for us all. I love to watch Grant and him bond now. Grant loves to be with him and watches everything Clint does. I pray that someday Grant will be as loving and giving as his father is. Grant will be a catch someday for a wonderful lady if he follows all the things he learns from watching his daddy. I love you Clint for the man you are and the father you have become. I am a lucky lady.
Anyways for fathers day we went to brunch and then went to a World Series game. It was really fun but really hot. I think I sprayed Grant with sunscreen at least eight times while we were there. He is pasty white like his mom and I did not want him to burn. Really fun day with the fam.

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